We use the correct equipment and skilled staff to perform cleaning services.

Aquatic Centres Cleaning

I-Shine Cleaning Services has the correct equipment and skilled staff to perform cleaning services in recreational centres and gyms. Our teams thoroughly clean community spaces for sporting activities and work with several facilities. When cleaning recreational spaces, we look to help save costs in any way we can with our cleaning initiatives. Learn more about how we can assist your facility by reading on or speak to our I-Shine team today.

Sterilization and sanitation of gymnasiums and leisure spaces are incredibly important to stop the spread of diseases. Germs and different types of bacteria commonly found in gyms can cause the common cold, rashes, respiratory viruses, and gastroenteritis. Therefore, exercise equipment must be cleaned frequently. The area’s most likely at risk of carrying this bacterium are free weights, treadmills, and exercise bikes. Patrons expect their leisure facilities to be germ-free and therefore, equipment should be kept to a high standard.


Having a clean facility, protects the reputation of your business.

Cleaning is not only essential to stop the spread of disease but also crucial for safety. By keeping courts clean, you can minimize the risk of slips and falls due to dusty, dirty, or wet surfaces. Having clean activity areas also means your patrons get the best use out of your facility, and it protects the reputation of your business.

Our experienced team can thoroughly sanitize and disinfect surfaces in leisure centres. We specialize in floor cleaning, pool deck cleaning and maintenance, window and mirror cleaning, locker rooms, and bathrooms. Besides, we use only environmentally friendly chemicals and sweepers, scrubbers, and commercial vacuum cleaners. We follow administered government procedures and try to minimize disturbance to patrons when cleaning.

We understand that people expect leisure centre facilities to be expertly maintained. Otherwise, your members and guests will vote their feet and take their business elsewhere. Whatever facilities you have in your gym or leisure centre, its presentation will have a direct influence on customer retention and your bottom line. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure that it looks sufficiently attractive for people to visit regularly.

Our experience spans all types of leisure, fitness, gym, and well-being businesses covering class spaces, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, changing/locker rooms, showers, toilets, storage spaces, and reception areas, and corridors. We will tailor our services to your requirements, frequency, and circumstances of leisure centres.

Why choose I-Shine Cleaning?

Our team has experience in delivering cost-effective cleaning solutions for businesses. We are leaders in the commercial cleaning industry and are supported by experienced, qualified, and trusted staff. We work hard to develop productive and efficient team environments and use the latest software to monitor our activities and progress.

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