Builders cleaning is required to make the new property presentable.

Builders Cleaning in Melbourne

Unlike the routine light cleaning of a domestic property, builders cleaning is a comprehensive process conducted at the culmination of a construction project. The aftermath of building work can be messy, especially if other trades haven’t adequately protected the space during their tasks. To transform a post-construction site into a presentable space, a thorough builders clean is indispensable.

For builders cleaning to be truly effective, the site must be devoid of other trades and free from any lingering building materials. All debris and rubbish are meticulously removed, setting the stage for a transformative cleaning process.

At I-Shine Cleaning Services, we bring a wealth of expertise to builders cleaning. Beyond the ordinary, our team ensures your post-construction space is not only clean but also polished to perfection. Trust us to go the extra mile, addressing every detail to make your property truly shine.


Let our expertise in builders cleaning make your post-construction space shine!

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