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Sporting Stadiums Cleaning

Sports stadiums, arenas, racetracks, speedways, ballparks plus sports fans equal one thing, a stadium cleaning nightmare. Since event-goers are typically occupied with the sporting event, they often leave much trash and debris, which must be picked up by cleaning staff. To clean these sporting facilities after the event, it requires coordination of the cleaning team, cleaning equipment, and cleaning resources, and careful preparation before any cleaning staff begins to clean.

With our I-Shine Cleaning Services, you can rest assured that you have a professional cleaning team off the field in addition to any professional sports team on the field.  All are catered for, may it be around the stadium parking lot or in the locker room cleaning or the public restrooms cleaning. While our stadium cleaning staff may not have household names that fill the ballpark or racetrack, we do our jobs with the same dedication and attention to detail, which has made us perennial all-stars.

Stadiums, Arenas, and sports venues come in many sizes. Cleaning and maintaining these types of facilities is not a job that can be haphazardly approached. It demands planning, preparation, communication, coordination, and the ability to adapt quickly. The contents outlined here are the same regardless of the size of the facility.


Make the right choice, hire a contract cleaning business.

When creating a bid or planning to take on a new facility, consider using contracted labour, temporary employees, and part-time workers who can be dismissed if you don’t need them. For this to work, the best option is choosing a cleaning company to handle these tasks. Some of the cleaning positions include:

  • Pickers: They pick large debris in the spot bowl or seating area.
  • Blowers: They clean up small debris using air-blowers while moving downward toward the main floor.
  • Sweepers: They use brooms to sweep across rows of seating and then down the stairs to the main floor.
  • Restroom team: They are responsible for cleaning and stocking public restrooms. If work is not done correctly, these are areas that will generate complaints.
  • Trash team: This team is responsible for collecting, bagging, and disposal of trash, cardboard, and other recycled materials.
  • Suite crew: This team is responsible for suites, boxes, and offices.

In sports facilities, I-Shine Cleaning Services calculate cleaning costs in many different ways. They do not bid by the square foot as in other facilities. We are at your beck and call whenever you need us.

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