I-Shine Cleaning Services provides the best window cleaning service.

Window Cleaning

I-Shine Cleaning Services provides the best window cleaning services. Using hand-held squeegees and cotton cloths, we leave every window spotless every time. Our window cleaners will arrive with all the necessary equipment to clean every type of window your premises may have. The solution we use to clean the windows is soap and ammonia.

Windows should get cleaned twice a year to keep windows pristine and aid against window repair and replacement. The first cleaning is an inside and outside cleaning; this is usually done in the fall. The second cleaning is then recommended to be done 5 to 7 months later and is for outside windows only.

There is no wrong time for a window washing with that being said. We can assist you in all aspects of the window cleaning procedure, whether you’re preparing for an event or want sparkling windows again. We often hear from customers that they are afraid to have windows cleaned during winter months or are worried about rain. Rain does not affect the cleanliness of your windows. Dust, dirt, and other particles such as pollen, leaves, and grass are the ones that affect the clarity of your windows. Therefore, no need to worry as rain will remove particles and leave shower drop-like patterns on the windows.


Years of experience providing exceptional service.

Our highly skilled team has years of experience providing exceptional service, using the latest technology and state of the art equipment. We cater for a whole range of contracts across the commercial sector, from office buildings and blocks to shops, shopping centres, and restaurants. We understand that the right image for your building’s exterior is as essential as an exemplary image on the inside. We also cater to industrial properties and provide a whole host of services, from jet washing to solar panel maintenance and professional sign cleaning.

Whatever your demands, we can help. With innovative tools such as environmentally friendly systems, we can tackle contracts of any sizes. Reaching those hard to access areas, we are skilled in delivering a quality service with minimum disruption to your organization. We can also shape bespoke packages to ensure your cleaning requirements are fully met, and expectations exceeded.

I-Shine Cleaning Company employs only the best highly experienced workforce. Our employees have extensive commercial and business window cleaning experience and have worked with some of the most challenging and demanding buildings. Our workers are continuously trained in health and safety procedures, mainly when working at height, and are regularly tested at the company level.

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